Featuring songs about bathrooms, being a "great place to work," and the connection between the Daily Show and the QAnon Shaman.
Reflections on a decade of Tinder

December 2022

I fixed everything wrong with effective altruism so you don't have to.
A book review, of sorts, of How to Win Friends and Influence People

November 2022

Failure, guilt, and losing other people's money.
To be truly ambitious, do you need to be a little bit fucked up?

October 2022

Why strategy is overrated for early-stage startups.
On the decline of rich eccentrics.

September 2022

More than you ever wanted to know about Jimmy Carter.
Is reading about gathering like dancing about architecture? Only one way to find out.

August 2022

You don't need a career plan, and any advice that says you do is wrong.

July 2022

On the growing popularity of stories about parallel universes, and the women I was almost in love with.